• A Positive Mental Health Brand

    Here at Touched By Trae We understand that mental health is important, Our brand is inspired by my brother (Trae) whom passed away July 8 2017. We make beautiful memorial keepsakes to make beautiful people feel good. We Make affordable and durable keepsakes that can be worn more than a few times.

  • A subtle reminder to smile today.

    Life is short. Live, Love & Laugh. If You have not yet today, this is your subtle reminder to smile today.

    No more having to worry about forgetting your loved ones faces or the important memories that you created in the past. We Got You!

  • Pretty Nails For Pretty Girls

    I have always had a love for the color blue and flowers, it is honestly my happy place. I combined my happy place with my biggest pain in life (losing my brother). Touched By Trae is not only a brand it was a way for me to take my pain and turn it into something positive.

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Our Legacy!

Touched By Trae is a memorial keepsake brand with an Emphasis on positive mental health.

Our brand is to not only create beautiful keepsakes, but it is to also serve families like myself to find a way to turn your greatest pain into a positive passion. We never want you to forget your loved one.

The BLUE FLOWER is very important symbol to us because a very close friend of my brother gave myself one at his funeral.

Touched by Trae is named after my Brother Cardell Vance Whom we all referred to as TRAE. He was Schizophrenic and lost his life.


Thank You....